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MADE NOUS, Arts & Culture

As a branch of Canada Media Fund, MADE NOUS celebrates film, TV and video games that are developed right here in Canada. Their mission: Become one of the leading voices in the Canadian arts & culture industry through social media.


Our social media strategy delivered a 60% increase in overall engagements across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Through strategic influencer partnerships with notable northerners like Simu Liu and Jay Baruchel, we landed top tier news coverage in Huffington Post and National Post. Leveraging these legendary Canadians (and their rabid fanbases!) to our advantage delivered a direct 42% increase in follower growth.


All in all, our dynamic content strategy combined fresh monthly campaigns that engaged new followers to join the conversation and celebrate the amazing Canadians that bring us the content we love. The best part? We solidified an overall 233% increase in Twitter impressions since project launch. Oh, Canada.

Social Media Strategy
Campaign Launch

Content Creation

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Community Management

Influencer Relations

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