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Dairy Farmers of Ontario, CPG


Dairy Farmers of Ontario has been a staple in fridges across Canada for decades. With changing dietary needs and the increase of new dairy-free alternatives, DFO needed to cut through the noise and bring us back to our homegrown roots: Ontario dairy, made by local farmers.


We ideated and produced a combination of static images and short-form videos to inform a larger ongoing social calendar. Pulling weekly trend concepts from TikTok, we developed quick, authentic Reels and TikToks that fit right into the broader audience’s algorithms and what they’d expect to see on their feeds.  Our social initiatives saw an incredible increase in viewership, with our TikToks hitting over 7,540,000 views and our Instagram Reels reaching over 323,000 views. Cheers to milk!

Social Media Strategy

TikTok Content Creation

Instagram Reels Creation

Social Media Copywriting

Video Production

TikTok Trend Reporting

Instagram Trend Reporting

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