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A digital-first branding agency dedicated to optimizing brands for the online universe.
A product relaunch for US markets? That’s a Soleil vibe.

We partnered with Soleil and Albertsons Companies to bring the vibes back this summer with an original TikTok audio, Gen Z influencers and...memes?!

Super Duper Studios is a digital branding agency in Toronto.
Established in 2020, we’re focused on the transformative capabilities of the digital world — after all, brand discoverability in the modern age begins with phones and laptops, not television screens and billboards.
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We talked about a cannabis-infused seltzer on Instagram.
A lot, actually

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Imagine if the time required for the creative process to get something great — was cut in half.

Imagine if the work you received was on point, and the experience you had was human and genuine.

That’s Super Duper.

Anya Switzer, CEO
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We crafted the CFC event rebrand to celebrate the return of TIFF22 - can somebody pass the popcorn?

We just launched our 2022 visuals. Check em out!
Perfect social media content is cringe. So what does that mean for your brand?
Come with us to CFC Homecoming and peep their new event branding!
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