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Putting people at the forefront.

The situation

The HR & Talent Tech space is bursting with creativity, ingenuity and unmatched potential. As people spend more and more of their time working, it's crucial to ensure that they are positioned in the right role to help build the business, but more importantly, for themselves as individuals of the universe. Talent Venture Group invests in these disruptors and startups that help revolutionize the industry for the better.

The result
We designed the website to encapsulate all levels of functionality, from the simplicity of a marketing page to the unique coding to submit resumes, pitches and more through the website directly. Additionally, to circumvent getting in-person headshots taken for the team, we crafted custom illustrations to depict the team through distinctive line art that aligned with the updated look and feel.

Presentation Decks

Custom Illustrations

Website Design

Website Copywriting

Website Development

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