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Super Duper wins VOR for Waterfront Toronto

Super Duper is so thrilled to announce our latest partner: Waterfront Toronto. 🌊

“Organizations who prioritize their digital footprint are not just being proactive about the way they speak to their communities — they’re also guaranteeing the health of the organization for years to come. As residents of Toronto for 20+ years, Super Duper is proud to help support Waterfront Toronto revitalize the Toronto landscape and take its place as one of the world’s top waterfronts.” Sally Lunn, CEO, Super Duper

As one of Waterfront Toronto’s Vendors of Record, we’re pleased to support their efforts revitalizing the waterfront in the following departments for the next 3 years:

  • Graphic Design & Creative Services

  • Digital Marketing & Storytelling

To learn more about Waterfront Toronto, visit

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