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It’s been 2 months since Threads launched. Should your brand join in?

Whether you’re a creator or a casual user of social, Threads is meant to be a place of creativity and starting open, public conversations with people around the world. With the speed of Twitter but the visual integrations of Instagram, Threads offers a social platform that is quick, positive, and most of all: entertaining.

With the fall of Twitter, many users are calling Threads the response to the death of our beloved bird app. However, it’s way more than that - we consider it a hybrid of Instagram and Twitter. As an Instagram app, Threads uses the same login as your IG and looks similar to both Twitter and Instagram. Here’s what you need to know, 2 months into Threads:

The basics

Threads works like Twitter where you can create single posts, whether text-only or multimedia, with up to 500 characters per thread.

Where Threads becomes a bit more like Instagram is in its ability to provide more multimedia options like carousels of images, as well as more freedom in video length. This is a prime opportunity for brands that have stunning visuals or videos that are worthy of a watch. See below for some of the main differences between the 3 apps:




Direct Links



Bio only


Up to 4

Up to 10

​Up to 10

Character count





Up to 140 seconds

Up to 5 minutes

Up to 60 minutes

The features

On Threads, you can do a number of things:

Start a Thread

  • Creative ideas straight from your brand, open for the entire world to see and engage with

Share a Thread

  • Particularly, Threads offers an integrated holistic experience because you can add Threads to your IG Story, or even post the Thread directly to your IG feed

Repost a Thread

  • Leverage existing content from other brands and creators that suit your industry

Reply to a Thread

  • Start conversations with your followers and beyond!

The roadblocks

Until recently, you could only use the search bar to search for usernames. For example, you couldn’t look up “golden retrievers” or “makeup tutorials”, but you could look up “Fenty Beauty” and see their profile. This has changed since last week, but many users weren't aware of the update.

While this may be difficult to find potential consumers who are seeking your brand and engage in outbound community management, it does allow your brand to become the landing page for that specific content. Whether you’re a skincare brand or a streaming platform, you can provide the education, information and entertainment that your target audience is looking for — and since they can’t just search that content and peruse as they please, they will be more inclined to hit that Follow button.

The general strategy

Use a combination of your best-performing Twitter and Instagram content to start populating your feed. Then, begin integrating new pillars to figure out what works best for your audience. This could look like:

  • Engagement traps

  • Joining conversations that already exist

  • Meme formats

  • Behind-the-scenes images

  • Long-form Threads to share education

  • Reactive trends on other platforms that haven’t quite taken off yet

One of the biggest opportunities for Threads is that its engagement is higher than Twitter. Consistent, engaging content is a great way to connect with your audience and join conversations.

The watch-outs

Everyone has heard that user retention is down. The app launched during the height of Twitter’s downfall so it could optimize a timely release. With new features on the way including better searchability, alt text and stronger user experience, Threads has a prime opportunity to become a heavy-hitting social network. Especially since the app is under the Meta umbrella, Threads won’t be going down without a fight.

Should your brand join Threads?

Threads is a great opportunity to engage on a new platform and connect with your audience in an authentic way. Especially since ads are currently not permitted on the app, your brand has less contenders to compete for branded language.

If your brand...

  • Lends itself to stunning photo and video

  • Has the flexibility for reactive humour and relatable moments

  • Speaks directly B2C

  • Successfully already reaches your audience on Instagram and Twitter

...test out Threads for 30 days and observe engagement. If you can find your audience with ease and without too much lift from your social media team, implementing a Threads strategy could be beneficial to your overarching marketing mix.

Need help making that strategy happen? Choose a social partner that knows how to market your brand to the internet. Super Duper Studios is an award-winning Toronto agency specializing in digital-first branding experiences across visual identity, social media, marketing campaigns and more.


Michelle Nguyen

Co-Founder & Chief Strategist at Super Duper Studios.


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