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Instagram updates coming for 2022

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Happy almost-end-of-2021! It's been quite the year and we can't wait to be moving onwards and upwards to the great things ahead in 2022.

Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, has a couple of gifts in store for users. Rolling out new features, security measures, and a return to the chronological feed?!

We're breaking down these adjustments below. Let's get into it.

Take a break

A new function that has already been introduced in-app, allows users to monitor how much time they spend scrolling through the app. We've all gotten trapped in the endless scroll through the main feed and explore page, so this will definitely prove to be a welcomed reminder for many of us.

Mosseri says this has been in place to allow app users to make informed and educated decisions on how much time they spend on Instagram. The function recognizes when someone has spent a little too long scrolling within the app and reminds them to take a breather. Following this, there's also an option from the initial Take A Break reminder to set more reminders to take breaks throughout the day to keep your boredom-induced scrolling in check.

Chronological feed

This one is bound to be divisive, but in the new year we will have the option to return to the chronological feed we all remember when the app first launched, instead of the algorithm-based feed we have become so used to.

There are currently two modes of the chronological feed in early testing: the classic version and a new variation centred around "picking your favourites." This would allow your preselected favourite user's posts to appear at the top of the chronological feed.

People who utilize Instagram for purely personal entertainment and content sharing will be thrilled to hear they have their feeds back in order, but this does pose an interesting playing field for businesses that have been trying to crack the code of the algorithm for years.

Reel replies

Taking a leaf from TikTok's book, Instagram has rolled out a feature that allows users to make video replies to comments on their content. On TikTok, we've seen videos get great engagement following the format of the video replies: it's a great way to reach new audiences, but even better to build a community and keep things personable on your page. Most commonly, this feature is fantastic for linking back to a DIY video or breaking down an anecdote in its own space on your profile.

Additional safety for teens

Instagram is rolling out many new protections for teens on the app. A few of the parental controls available will be the app usage, timed controls, and notifications when their child has blocked another account.

Aside from the parental controls, teens will not be tagged or mentioned by accounts they don't follow, they will have a more strictly-curated explore page and nudges from the app when they've consumed a bit too much of the same topic.

All in all, we're excited to see how these changes shape the app in early 2022 when they all come to fruition and how the app will continue to support users and businesses. Happy scrolling!

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Rebeca MacKinnon Community Manager at Super Duper Studios.


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