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Investing in the ocean.

The situation

The ocean is deteriorating every day, and it's up to humans to help protect it. In the niche venture capitalist market of bluetech investors, Okeanos needed to make a name for themselves. Literally.

The result

Beginning from the ground up, these entrepreneurial founders needed to legitimize their business and create their digital footprint. From naming the business and crafting the visual identity, all the way to designing and implementing their website and investor presentation decks - we supported Okeanos Capital and dove right into the water.

Business Name Strategy

Visual Identity
Website Design
Web Development
Presentation Deck Design

Icon Concept.png

This branding exercise was all about symbolism.

For the visual identity, we leveraged the icosahedron, the sacred geometry symbol for water.


As for the name, we celebrate the Greek God Okeanos who was thought to protect the body of water that surrounded Earth.

“Super Duper are very thoughtful, responsive and collaborative. They were able to understand our business and what we wanted to communicate. From there, they produced a name, logo and visual identity that we get compliments on all the time. I would refer other entrepreneurs to them without hesitation.”

Andrew Gannon
Okeanos Capital
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