The future is freelance.

The situation
Livelii is a platform for freelancers to gain competitive health and dental benefits in a landscape that often provides access to traditional salaried folks. When the platform officially went live, it was time for us to tell everyone about it.

The result
Using a content combination of memes, blog posts, statistics and more, we cultivated our community to come together and talk about their self-employed journeys. We developed weekly Instagram Story surveys to gather vital demographic and psychographic information about our audience and understand what they wanted to see. We gained their trust, their insights and most of all: Their clicks. Livelii saw a 26.8% increase in website clicks and 183% increase in profile visits from Instagram during the project. 

Social Media Strategy
Hashtag Strategy

Content Planning
Community Management

Graphic Design

Template Design

Blog Writing

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“Imagine if the time required for the creative process to get something great - was cut in half.

Imagine if the work you received was on point, and the experience you had was human and genuine. That’s Super Duper.”

- Anya Switzer, CEO