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Josie - SaaS

The situation

People around the world spend one third of their lives at work. Career Analytics sought to ensure that every person deserved to feel genuine job satisfaction, but had issues with digital discoverability and providing clear, simple explanations about the business at its core.

The result

The most important part of starting a business? The name. We conducted a business naming strategy using competitive research to identify a name that would be personable, friendly and professional for job-seekers to trust.


Once that was identified, we built everything around it: The striking visual identity that creates that kind and welcoming feel, a functioning website that is user-friendly, and presentation deck designs that were eye-catching, modern and fresh. A job well done!

Business Name Strategy

Brand Strategy

Visual Identity

Logo Identity
Presentation Deck Design

Old Logo.png

This branding exercise transformed a corporate name into one that was friendly, welcoming and kind.

Creating an authentic persona as an avatar named Josie, we personified the brand while still alluding to the business goal - doing what makes you happy.

Friendly & Human

“Job” + “Satisfaction”

New Logo.png
Ellipse 6.png
Ellipse 5.png
Star 2.png
Rectangle 33.png
Polygon 2.png
Rectangle 32.png
Icon Colors.png
Icon Colors 2.png
Do what makes you happy..png
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