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Hype Public Relations, Agency


Due to Hype's reputation as a diligent and influential force, they received a constant flow of referrals and caused their branding to take a backseat. Hype PR was moving away from their homegrown Toronto roots and was ready to elevate their national position as one of the best PR agencies in Canada, with a high contrast visual identity that was professional, friendly and trustworthy.


We examined the possibilities of completely abandoning or evolving the existing Hype branding, considering its already established recognition. Ultimately, we arrived at an approach that propelled their iconography into both the present and the future of their brand. While the colour palette maintained some continuity with the old branding, we updated its usage and presentation.


A crucial aspect of the brand was the ability to cater to both a more masculine and traditionally feminine audience. Hype's clientele is diverse, so we aimed to strike a balance between their authentic palette, which includes hot pink, and toning it down when necessary to avoid distraction. This resulted in a highly functional palette, featuring an animated icon with symbolism and a wordmark that could sit alongside the major brands they represent.

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