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Doughnuts for days.

The situation
Glory Hole Doughnuts is an award-winning doughnut shop in the heart of Toronto. Their variety of iconic flavours and hilarious no-bullshit vibes makes them in high demand. People need their doughnuts — and who were we to stop them?

Their website didn’t have the functionality they needed to service the tens of dozens of doughnuts that left their stores daily. So we built it.

The result
We streamlined the experience for users to quickly order their sweets through a seamless platform and introduced custom back-end code to integrate the new purchasing functionality through Ambassador.

After creating a smooth-as-butter consumer funnel, we saw the numbers pour in. Customers were so eager for the change that nearly 11,000 people watched our social media announcement that celebrated the new website. NICE.

Website Design
Wordpress Development
Custom Code Development
Social Media Launch Plan

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“Easy going and smooth. There was never a point where I felt as though we weren't on the same page. I am truly thankful to have found you all! It has taken almost a decade to have functional website that I feel fits my branding.”

- Ashley Jacot De Boinod
Founder, Glory Hole Doughnuts

"These doughnuts were bigger than my 484 sq ft condo. I had to call the moving elevator."

- Siobhan O.
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