Getting rid of that junk drawer.

The situation

Canada has a big e-waste problem. Everyone’s got that one drawer filled with old flip phones and random charging cables. What do you do with it? Where does it go? Is there a better way?​

Meet EPRA, a non-profit that manages every step of the process from breaking down the recyclable materials to wiping the personal information on each device.


The result

With an extensive process cycle and a lot at risk, we developed an explainer video that could be repurposed on social and web to ensure every question has been answered. We also crafted the custom illustrations throughout the entire informational campaign to show our humans putting in the work every step of the way.

Brand Design


Agency: Resonator

Infographic_Scroller 1.png
Infographic_Scroller 2.png
Infographic_Scroller 3.png