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EPRA, Non-Profit


The Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) is a non-profit organization in Ontario that ensures that end-of-life electronics are handled in a safe, secure and environmentally-sound manner. When the brand reached an impressive milestone of collecting 1 million tonnes of e-waste, the company needed to celebrate.

While their branding featured genuine people in photographs and videos, they found themselves ill-equipped to produce flexible and dynamic graphics that truly embodied their brand. We were tasked with expanding the brand architecture using digital design without in-person shoots. To accomplish this, we developed one master video as the primary asset which had animated elements that could be recycled into full campaign elements.


The project was meant to be one seasonal video and ended up becoming a pillar to the brand for the last 5 years. The whole team at EPRA was thrilled that they had a customized, simple and effective route to take with distilling complex ideas into digestible fun visuals.

We’ve crafted 5 full libraries of visuals over the last 4 years that are still evergreen across websites, flyers and social media even after project completion. We continue to add new characters to the libraries to show inclusivity to Canada's changing population, and the library can continue to expand as citizens of the nation expand into more diverse cultures.

Brand Design


Agency: Resonator

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