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CFC Homecoming, Arts & Culture

The CFC BBQ is a longstanding tradition in the arts & culture industry, where talented alumni and industry heavyweights come for an afternoon of networking, celebrating the arts and donating to a worthy cause. After COVID-19, the event had not taken place and was in dire need of a rebrand. Often incorrectly seen as an event to network and enjoy free food, the CFC event lost its original purpose: to fundraise for the Canadian arts & culture industry with fresh, bright talent for alumni today and for the alumni to come. As the CFC returned to Festival circuit 2022, its annual event needed to showcase the purpose of the event front and centre, with a bold new look.

Even though the CFC has hosted this event for decades, its original messaging was diluted over the years and lost its philanthropic purpose — becoming more of a networking invite-only event. We executed a top-to-bottom rebrand of the event by renaming it from CFC BBQ to CFC Homecoming, implying its reinvention and reintroduction back into the Festival circuit. Pulling inspiration from the TIFF22 branding to compliment the look-and-feel of the Festival weekend, we focused our visual identity to be tech-focused with bright and bold colouring. We focused efforts on stunning visuals that would pop at the in-person event, while still demanding its unique space in the digital universe through email, social and web.


The result is a showstopping visual aesthetic that re-educates audiences of the ultimate purpose: fundraising for the arts & culture industry to fuel the alumni today and the alumni of tomorrow, whether in front of the camera or behind the scenes. The event brought roughly $250,000 gross revenue for CFC's programs, and enables them to continue advancing opportunities for Canadian creators and entrepreneurs in the screen industry.

Brand Strategy

Logo Identity
Visual Identity
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Campaign Messaging
Experiential Concepting

Social Media Graphic Design

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